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Kent Archaeological Review extract

The Roman Fort at Reculver.
by B J Philp.

Work during March, April and June was concentrated on the exposed cliff section of the fort overlooking the beach. This section continues to be threatened by storms and tides. The eroded cliff-face was cut back to a vertical section and the levels examined. Ditches and pits of Iron Age date were located cut down into the natural and contained pottery and flints; sealing these was the fort construction layer dating to circa AD 210. A wide gravel road was found, running east-west, and dividing the praetentura into two unequal parts. North of this, the corner of a substantial building was examined, perhaps a barrack-block. South of the road, an interesting building with traces of opus signinum flooring was found. This may relate to the hypocausted structure found nearby in August, 1964.

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