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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Roman Villa at Wingham.
by L D Lyle.
(The Stour Valley Research Group.)

At the invitation of Lord Hawarden, Mr Frank Jenkins, FSA, is supervising the re-excavation of the Roman Villa at Wingham Court, Wingham. The site was uncovered in 1881-2, but the published report is very inadequate by modern standards, hence it is felt that a re-examination of the building should prove useful. As a preliminary to the excavations, a resistivity survey has been carried out by Mr A J Clark, FSA.

An interesting group of pottery was found on the site of the new Eliot College of the University of Kent at Canterbury. The pottery is of late-13th Century types and includes at least five jugs, one of which is complete, a dish and several cooking pots. The quality of the ware and associated burnt clay strongly suggest that there is a kiln in the vicinity. The pottery lay at a depth of 15 feet below ground level in a clay pit dug into the natural clay and subsequently back-filled with mixed soil. All the pottery is evidently of local manufacture, and is characteristic of the industry which flourished in the Tyler Hill area in the 13th century. The site of the clay pit is on the southern boundary of the pottery producing area.

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