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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Emergency Excavations --
An Appeal for 750.
by W S Penn (Chairman).

Everyone agrees on the importance of emergency excavation work, particularly at the present time of general activity in road construction and house building.

Everyone also agrees that an emergency scheme needs to be organised so that a team of rescue diggers can rush to a given spot almost within minutes. An earth remover can obliterate a find in a remarkably short time.

The KARGC has organised and is operating such a scheme, the only one of its kind in the country. Unfortunately, it costs money to operate on the required scale and this is where the public can help. We will do the work - your money will provide the means.

An estimated 750 is needed over the next year or so. Some individuals and organisations have already assisted but there is still a long way to go.

As Chairman, therefore, I appeal to all to help us in our various archaeological activities by sending a subscription however large or small it may be. It will be gratefully received, acknowledged and employed for the furtherance of archaeology in Kent and also in neighbouring counties, if requests for assistance are received.

Cheques, Postal Orders etc. should be made payable to The Treasurer, B J Philp, 242 Langley Way, West Wickham, Kent.

In thanking you in advance, may I remind you how we sometimes complain about the unscientific approach and apathy of the nineteenth century antiquarians. Let future generations say of us "How enlightened they were and how jealous of our heritage."

Footnote. Already there has been an immediate response to our Appeal and the Council would like to take this early opportunity to sincerely thank the following contributors for their generous support.

  • Borough of Chatham
  • Rural District Council of Dartford
  • Borough of Faversham
  • Ashford Archaeological Society
  • Beckenham Historical Association
  • The Faversham Society
  • Herne Bay Records Society
  • Orpington Historical Society
  • Sandwich Local History Society
  • S E Kent Branch Historical Association
  • Woolwich & District Antiquarian Society
  • Sir Harry Batterbee
  • Mr C P Florence
  • Mr P V Head
  • Mr O E Prince
  • Headley Bros Ltd
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