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Kent Archaeological Review extract

First Annual Report 1964/5.
by Graeme K Horner (Honorary Secretary).

After many years of discussion, the Kent Archaeological Research Groups' Council was formed one year ago. The basis of the Council is the research group, each aimed at studying a particular area or project. The groups themselves are only a recent development in archaeology.

The Council has met 5 times and the committee on 5 occasions. Inevitably our first year has been a time for exploration and discussion. The general aim of the Council has been specified in our constitution but how best to implement the "promoting of co-ordination in archaeological research" has meant, and will mean, examining many different schemes and activities. We decided early on to make a start on a few projects only so that the Council could work on something meaningful from the start. Conferences and publication were clearly an important means of obtaining co-operation and exchange of views between groups and these were therefore an early priority.

The East Kent conference, carefully built up by Mr Jenkins, continues successfully and the new West Kent conference made an admirable start under the guidance of Mr Walsh. Two copies of the newsletter have now been issued and within its impressive printed covers it offers much to interest and inform and should prove a valuable means of communication within the Council.

This year has seen the introduction of the emergency scheme. This is possibly the first of its kind in the country and could well prove a blue-print for other counties. The scheme has not yet had much time to prove itself but at its first trial, the rescue excavation of part of a Saxon cemetery at Polhill, involving a museum, the police and several groups; it worked well. The ingredients of the scheme -- countywide coverage by local groups, plans for notification of discoveries, for emergency operations and for co-operation between groups -- will form an excellent recipe if followed out fully by each group.

This has been a notable year in Kentish archaeology as not only has KARGC been formed but also, at a meeting sponsored by the Kent and Surrey Archaeological Societies and supported by your Council, Council for British Archaeology Group 11a for Kent and Surrey has been brought to life. We have been asked by Group 11a to assist them in listing societies in Kent, investigating the state of Industrial Archaeology and the state of preservation and scheduling of buildings. The Council has recently become members of the Council for British Archaeology and the Kent Archaeological Society. We hope that co-operation with all these bodies will continue. With so much activity in the county it is perhaps natural that the Council's activities should be viewed with some reservation, however, we believe that all can work together, supplementing one another, to achieve our single aim, the furtherance of archaeology in Kent.

For the Committee,
Graeme K Horner (Honorary Secretary)

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