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The Kent Archaeological Review (KAR)

Sadly, following on from the dissolution of the CKA, the August 2018 issue of the KAR (Number 207) was the last issue.

This page will be left in place for a while.

A 3-times-a-year journal dealing with current archaeological activity in Kent. It contained reports on discoveries, excavations, the work of archaeological groups, news items, details of meetings and conferences, various features and articles, letters and illustrations.

Essential reading for all libraries, societies and individuals with an interest in Kentish archaeology, it was first published in April 1965.

Many articles from the early days (1965 to 1978) are now available on-line.)

You can now search for previous KAR articles up to issue 167 (2007) by keyword(s)

Index of the KAR contents since the start of publication in 1965 until 2007.

Contents of the current (Summer 2018) issue of the Kent Archaeological Review — number 207
253-254. Special Announcement to all Friends & Subscribers. Dr Brian Philp.
255-260. The CKA 54 Years of Success in Kent. Dr Brian Philp.
263-285. Some thoughts on the Lanfranc Church of St Gregory The Great, Cantebury: Documents, Archaeology, Saints & The Man, Part 2. Alan Ward.
284. Appologies & corrections. Sandra Russell.
288-289. Book Review: of the North Kent Marshes. Maxine Formaggi.
290. The Mithras Temple.  
291. Items of News. Dana Adler.
292. Special Friends Visits 2018.  
PHOTO: Dr Brian Philp managing and maintaining the Roman Painted House, Dover. Image by Spencer Hann.
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