Kent Archaeological Review -- 1966

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 3 -- Spring 1966.

Fawkham Medieval Manor

Walsh R M, Page 8.

Quern survey in Kent

Penn W S, Page 12.

Chairman's letter

Penn W S, Page 39.

Emergency excavation at Addington

Bartlett D, Page 41.

Roman Fort at Reculver

Philp B J, Page 41.

Operation Gas Pipe, completed

Mynott Miss E, Page 43.

News from the Groups

Various Contributors, Pages 49 to 51.

Decoy Ponds

Squires D J, Page 51.

END: ISSUE 3 -- Spring 1966

ISSUE 4 -- Summer 1966.

Emergency excavation appeal

Penn W S, Page 55.

No museum in your town?

Percival A, Page 61.

Roman Villa, Snodland Gas Works

Ocock M A, Page 65.

A medieval site near Meopham

Caiger J E L, Page 66.

END: ISSUE 4 -- Summer 1966

ISSUE 5 -- Autumn 1966.

Chairman's letter

Penn W S, Page 2.

The Gunpowder Mill, Faversham

Arthur Percival, Pages 2 to 5.

News from the Groups

Various contributors, Pages 5 to 8.

Regional survey scheme

Alec Miles and Michael Syddell, Pages 8 to 10.

North Ash Villa, New Ash Green

Walsh R M, Pages 10 to 12.

Industrial archaeology

Graeme Horner, Pages 17 to 19.

Collection of slides of Roman remains

Pickering M A, Page 20.

Bibliography for pottery students Part 1

Annable F K, Pages 21 to 22.

END: ISSUE 5 -- Autumn 1966

ISSUE 6 -- Winter 1966.

Sites found on Gas pipeline

Mynott Miss E, Page 2.

Emergency - Operation Gas Pipe

Philp B J, Page 2.

Withyham and Moat Farm, Leigh

Money J H, Page 6.

Ritual burials at Reculver

Brian Philp, Pages 7 to 8.

A 2nd cent. Roman cemetery at Twitton near Otford

Anthoney Young, Pages 8 to 13.

Late Iron Age coins from Springhead

Ernest Tilley, Pages 13 to 14.

Patch Grove pottery: A short study

John Parsons, Pages 15 to 17.

Anglo-Saxon graves at Ramsgate

Peter Cullen, Page 18.

Demolition at Ravenscroft, Bromley

Warman Miss E, Page 20.

Comments on Kent archaeology

Vincent Rendel, Page 21.

END: ISSUE 6 -- Winter 1966

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