Kent Archaeological Review -- 1967

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 7 -- Spring 1967.

News from the Groups

Various Contributors, Pages 4 to 6.

The meaning of 'Coldharbour'

Rendel V, Page 7.

Bellarmine jugs

Caiger J E L, Page 8.

Fawkham Medieval Manor

Walsh R M, Page 12.

Historical research

Penn W S, Page 21.

Report on KARGC, AGM

Ocock M A, Page 22.

END: ISSUE 7 -- Spring 1967

ISSUE 8 -- Summer 1967.

KARGC panel of lecturers

Parsons J, Page 2.

The Faversham Gunpowder Mills

Philp B J, Page 2.

Work at Perry Woods

Woodcock A G, Page 3.

Further work at New Ash Green

Walsh R M, Page 4.

Anglo-Saxon burials from Barham Down

Millard Miss L, Page 7.

The archaeology of Orpington

Parsons J, Page 8.

Ravenscroft, Bromley

Philp B J, Page 12.

Flint paleolith from Addington

Broadfoot D N, Page 13.

Faversham Abbey

Swale J D, Page 14.


Pearman H, Page 16.

The Buildings of England Group

Smith V T C, Page 16.

Comments on metal detecting

Rook A G, Page 18.

A replica of a Saxon dugout boat

Goodburn D M, Page 174.

Edenbridge watermill

Dell A, Page 191.

END: ISSUE 8 -- Summer 1967

ISSUE 9 -- Autumn 1967.

Saxon cemetery at Polhill

Philp B J, Page 2.

Work near Ospringe

Rose J A, Page 6.

Appointment of parish observers

Mills H P, Page 7.

Springhead excavations 1967

Penn W S, Page 7.

Note on Lympne

Gough H E, Page 12.

The Powell-Cotton Museum Birchington

Powell-Cotton C, Page 13.

Amphorae from Blackfriars

Dawson G J, Page 14.

London City Wall, Warwick Lane

Merrifield R, Page 14.

The Springhead Exhibition

Rufinus A T, Page 15.

Secret tunnels in Surrey

Pearman H, Page 18.

END: ISSUE 9 -- Autumn 1967

ISSUE 10 -- Winter 1967.

Work in Faversham area

Rose J A, Page 4.

Notes on Samian ware

Cramp G, Page 9.

Mediaeval kiln sites in the Blean Forest

Philp B J, Swale J D, Page 15.

The Otford Exhibition

Rufinus A T, Page 16.

Origin of Tenterden

Manning Mrs W O, Page 17.

END: ISSUE 10 -- Winter 1967

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