Kent Archaeological Review -- 1968

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 11 -- Spring 1968.

Iron working site at Withyham

Money J H, Page 5.

Industrialised archaeology at Snodland

Ocock M A and Syddell M, Page 8.

Lullingstone Christian wall plaster

Meates G W Lt Col, Page 15.

Discoveries in Herne Bay

Gough H E, Page 15.

Faversham Abbey

Philp B J, Page 17.

The Cuming Museum, Southwark

Dawson G J, Page 19.

KARGC panel of lecturers

Parsons J, Page 20.

END: ISSUE 11 -- Spring 1968

ISSUE 12 -- Summer 1968.

1968 Work at Springhead

Penn W S, Page 5.

Stockwell College, Bromley

Mynott Miss E, Page 6.

Index of Iron-Age coins

Frere S S, Page 9.

Further work at Warbank, Keston

Brian Philp, Page 15.

St Edmund's Chapel, Dover

Christopher Buckingham, Page 16.

Oldest cottage in North Cray

John Parsons, Page 18.


Alan Stoyel, Page 21.

Comment on Chairman's letter

Vincent Rendel, Page 22.

END: ISSUE 12 -- Summer 1968

ISSUE 13 -- Autumn 1968.

The Faversham report

Horne J K, Page 2.

Otford Historical Society

Ward C P, Page 4.

Warbank, Keston

Mynott Miss E, Page 6.

Three potin coins from Kent

Allen D F, Page 8.

The new Guildhall Museum

Cook N, Page 11.

Discovery of an elaborate Roman drying kiln at Reculver

Philp B J, Page 12.

Pottery money boxes

Caiger Miss N, Page 14.

KARGC panel of lecturers

Parsons J, Page 20.

Divining for metal

Ocock M A, Page 22.

END: ISSUE 13 -- Autumn 1968

ISSUE 14 -- Winter 1968.

The Roman posting station at

Barry T B, Page 2.

Roman Fort at Reculver

Philp B J, Page 2.

Romano-British site at Radfield

Mills H P, Page 10.

Forest of Blean research

Last Miss M and Swale J D,, Page 17.

The Digger Dug

Wheeler Sir M, Page 18.

Kent Numismatic Society

Oldham P E, Page 19.

END: ISSUE 14 -- Winter 1968

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