Kent Archaeological Review -- 1969

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 15 -- Spring 1969.

William S Penn, obituary

Cook N, Page 2.

Roman Villa site at Keston

Mynott Miss E, Page 6.

Roman Fort at Reculver

Philp B J, Page 7.

Belgic site at Detling, Maidstone

Edwards J W F, Page 12.

Local archaeology in the 1970s

Percival A, Page 13.

Sheppey Civil War hoard

Leach P E, Page 18.

Sheppey Civil War hoard

Gough H E, Page 19.

Witch bottle found at Hoath

Gough H E, Page 19.

Darenth Church

Saynor Mrs J, Page 20.

Archaeology for the public

Syddell M & Woollett P W, Page 23.

Archaeology in depth

Pearman H, Page 25.

END: ISSUE 15 -- Spring 1969

ISSUE 16 -- Summer 1969.

Reflections on the Fishbourne mosaics

Dennis-Purves J M, Page 3.

Reculver sea defences

Philp B J, Page 15.

KARGC Conference 1969

Walsh R M, Page 16.

Flamsteed's Well Greenwich

Willmot F, Page 19.

Aerial Surveys

Barnes E, Page 26.

Recommended reading

Ronald Jessup, Page 27.

A Fort at Springhead?

Harker S, Page 28.

END: ISSUE 16 -- Summer 1969

ISSUE 17 -- Autumn 1969.

Springhead puzzle

Harker S, Page 14.

Roman industry in the Marshes

Miles A, and Syddell, Page 16.

Roman industry in the Marshes

Syddell M, Page 16.

The Reculver inscription

Philp B J, Page 18.


Syddell M, Page 21.

Domesday water mill

Walden H, Page 22.

Recommended reading

Jessup R, Page 23.

Ruxley Old Church

Davies G, and Leonard M, Page 24.

Ruxley Old Church

Leonard M, Page 24.

Further finds near Keston

Mynott Miss E, Page 28.

Site at Boxted

Williams J, Page 32.

END: ISSUE 17 -- Autumn 1969

ISSUE 18 -- Winter 1969.

Springhead puzzle answered

Harker S, Page 4.

The South East London border

Jones D, Page 5.

Sheppey Romano-British burials

Leach P E, Page 7.


Williams J, Page 9.

Recommended reading

Jessup R, Page 12.

Ash Villa

Walsh R M, Page 17.

Work at Otford

Page 30.

END: ISSUE 18 -- Winter 1969

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