Kent Archaeological Review -- 1970

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 19 -- Spring 1970.

Below the water table, Cooling

Miles A and Syddlee M, Page 8.

Springhead 1844

Harker S, Page 14.

Darenth Roman Villa

Philp B J, Page 16.

Roman coin hoard at Ramsgate

Cullen P, Page 23.

Flint axe from Edenbridge

Harding Miss J N, Page 29.

Recommended reading

Jessup R, Page 30.

END: ISSUE 19 -- Spring 1970

ISSUE 20 -- Summer 1970.

Tonbridge conference 1970

Clewley G B, Page 3.

Recommended reading (1)

Cook N, Page 7.

A new home for Gravesend Museum

Tilley E W, Page 10.

Ash Romano-British Villa

Walsh R M, Page 13.

Letter to Editor

Rendel V, Page 22.

The shape of things to come

Philp B J, Page 23.

Ruxley Old Church

Leonard M, Page 24.

Orpington Priory

Parsons J, Page 28.

Roman Fort at Reculver

Philp B J, Page 31.

END: ISSUE 20 -- Summer 1970

ISSUE 21 -- Autumn 1970.

Ramsgate coin hoard

Merrifield R, Page 2.

Recommended reading

Broadfoot D N, Page 13.

Excavations at Faversham

Wheeler Sir M, Page 18.

The study of place names

Hull Dr F, Page 28.

The Woolwich Ship

Wickham D E, Page 31.

END: ISSUE 21 -- Autumn 1970

ISSUE 22 -- Winter 1970.

The Secretary speaks

Oldham P E, Page 34.

Further work at Lower Warbank

Mynott Miss E, Page 36.

Activities at Otford 1970

Ward C P, Page 36.

Graveney Flints

Theobald S, Page 37.

Cooling, near Rochester

Miles A and Syddell M, Page 38.

Emergency excavations at Dover

Philp B J, Page 45.

Recommended reading (2)

Cook N, Page 46.

Letter to Editor

Rendel V, Page 48.

Digging up the past - Thanet

Gough H E, Page 52.

Five more potin coins from Kent

Allen D F, Page 57.

END: ISSUE 22 -- Winter 1970

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