Kent Archaeological Review -- 1971

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 23 -- Spring 1971.

Chairman's letter

Walsh R M, Page 63.

Open weekends at Warbank

Mynott Miss E, Page 68.

Medieval town at Stonar

Macpherson-Grant N, Page 87.

END: ISSUE 23 -- Spring 1971

ISSUE 24 -- Summer 1971.

News from the Groups -- Otford and District:

Cliff Ward, Pages 101 to 102.

News from the Groups -- West Kent Border

Edna Mynott, Pages 102 to 103.

William Stukely: Pioneer archaeologist and visionary

Geffrey B Barrow, Pages 104 to 106.

Archaeology quiz number 4

Maurice Godfrey, Page 107.

Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Broadstairs

Peter Cullen, Page 112.

Selected bibliography on Kent archaeology 1970

(Compiled by) Mr and Mrs M Leonard, Pages 114 to 115.

A Brennan Torpedo Station at Cliffe Fort

Victor Smith, Pages 116 to 118.

END: ISSUE 24 -- Summer 1971

ISSUE 25 -- Autumn 1971.

Letter from the Chairman

Walsh R M, Pages 127 to 128.

Digging up the past -- 9: Pioneers at Richborough

Harold Gough, Pages 128 to 130.

The discovery of a Saxon 'Grubenhaus' at Keston

Brian Philp, Pages 131 to 135.

Further work at Lower Warbank

Edna Mynott, Page 137.

Shornemead Fort, near Gravesend

Victor Smith, Pages 139 to 141.

The Kent Archaeologist - a poem

George Driscoll, Page 141.

Is it a barrow

Jim Bradshaw, Pages 144 to 146.

Archaeology quiz

Maurice Godfrey, Page 148.

The excavation of medieval tile kiln near Canterbury 1971

Duncan Harrington, Pages 149 to 151.

Answers to Quiz number 5

Maurice Godfrey, Pages 152 to 153.

A flint axe from Bromley

Dick Broadfoot, Pages 154 to 155.

The 'progress' Roman villa at Otford

Edna Mynott, Page 155.

The Graveney Ship

Mrs C M Fenwick, Page 156.

An Iron Age site at Northdown school, Margate

Nigel Macpherson Grant, Page 156.

END: ISSUE 25 -- Autumn 1971

ISSUE 26 -- Winter 1971.

Chairman's letter

Walsh R M, Page 158.

Medieval site at Dover

Crellin D, Page 160.

Burial ground at Eynsford

Harker S, Page 163.

About the Review

Smith V T C, Page 168.

Group emergency reports

Philp B J, Page 169.

Clay Pipes and the Archaeologist

Tilley E W, Page 171.

Stamped mortaria from Roman Britain

Hartley Mrs K F, Page 179.

Alluvial archaeology

Jackson I, Page 181.

Lamp chimney at New Ash Green

Walsh R M, Page 183.

END: ISSUE 26 -- Winter 1971

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