Kent Archaeological Review -- 1972

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 27 -- Spring 1972.

CKA Conference and AGM

Smith V T C, Page 190.

Marshland challenge

Miles A and Syddell M, Page 191.

Marshland challenge

Syddell M, Page 191.

The Bexley deneholes

Caiger J E L, Page 195.

An Iron Age site at Barham Down

Philp B J, Page 201.

Archaeology quiz

Godfrey M, Page 207.

Maginot Line at Farningham

Smith V T C, Page 208.

Progress report from Dover

Philp B J, Page 211.

Archaeology quiz - answers

Godfrey M, Page 212.

Recommended reading

King M, Page 213.

Flint axe from Swanley

Broadfoot D N, Page 217.

Animal Bones for the Beginner 1

Thompson D, Page 219.

END: ISSUE 27 -- Spring 1972

ISSUE 28 -- Summer 1972.


Victor Smith, Page 222.

Romano-British site at St Paul's Cray

John Parsons, Page 224.

Cooling Romano-British industrial site

Alec Miles and Mike Syddell, Page 225.

News from the Groups

Various Contributors, Pages 227 to 229.

The Kentish Yeoman's House

Derek Simmons, Page 230.

Group emergency reports

Philp B J, Page 235.

The Search for a Giants Grave

Don Smith, Page 246.

A Romano-British building at Hoath

Harold Gough, Page 249.

The Lost Higham Blockhouse

Victor Smith, Page 251.

END: ISSUE 28 -- Summer 1972

ISSUE 29 -- Autumn 1972.

The Court Hall, Milton Regis

Ralph Mills, Page 254.

News from the Groups

Various Contributors, Pages 255 to 258.

Roman Dover - Hide and Seek

Sir Mortimer Wheeler, Page 259.

The Painted House

Philp B J, Page 260.

The Painted Rooms at Dover

Toynbee Prof, Page 262.

Archaeology quiz

Maurice Godfrey, Page 264.

Wealden iron

Joseph Pettitt, Page 265.

Darent Valley rescue operation

Howard Davies, Page 267.

Ushabti found at Otford

Clifford Ward, Page 272.

Operation Motorways - Kent

Philp B J, Page 276.

Bromley archaeological training school

Wendy Dolphin, Page 280.

Archaeology quiz - answers

Maurice Godfrey, Page 282.

Maidstone conference 1972

Gerald Clewley, Page 283.

END: ISSUE 29 -- Autumn 1972

ISSUE 30 -- Winter 1972.

About the CKA

Philp B J, Page 286.

Classis Britannica tiles at Boulogne

Doug Crellin, Page 287.

News from the Groups

Various Contributors, Pages 290 to 294.

Operation Gas Pipe, Thanet section

Nigel Macpherson-Grant, Page 298.

Tudor Blockhouse at Gravesend

Victor Smith, Page 306.

Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

Trevor Woodman, Page 308.

Hedge dating

Harry Walden, Page 315.

END: ISSUE 30 -- Winter 1972

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