Kent Archaeological Review -- 1974

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 35 -- Spring 1974.

Coins from Radfield 1972-1973

Robert Baxter, Page 131.

News from the Groups

Various contributors, Pages 132 to 133.

Roman cremation group from East Farleigh

Joy Saynor, Pages 133 to 135.

Newington-Hartlip sewage scheme

Jim Williams, Pages 136 to 139.

Book reviews

Jim Williams and Malcolm King, Pages 140 to 141.

Lower Warbank (reflections on the site)

George Driscoll, Page 141.

Rescue excavations at Northgate St, Canterbury 1973

Duncan Harrington, Pages 142 to 147.

Fleur-de-Lis, Faversham opens shop

Anne McLeod, Page 147.

Radiocarbon dates from Kent

Peter Couldrey, Pages 148 to 150.

Archaeological Publicity and Public Relations

Ralph Mills, Pages 150 to 153.

Public support for the Archaeologist

Doug Crellin, Pages 154 to 155.

Palaeolithic hand axe from West Wickham

D N Broadfoot, Page 158.

END: ISSUE 35 -- Spring 1974

ISSUE 36 -- Summer 1974.

News from the Groups

Various Contributors, Pages 162 to 164.

Ancient British coin from Folkestone

Edna Mynott, Page 165.

Recovery of ship's timbers at Sandwich, Kent

R E Trussler, Pages 166 to 169.

Field survey of Hartlip Roman villa

Jim Williams, Page 169.

Medieval jug found near Cane Wood

John Gaunt, Page 171.

Where was Clofeshoh?

W N Nichols, Pages 171 to 172.

Tudor blockhouse at Gravesend

Victor Smith, Pages 173 to 174.

Book Reviews

Wendy Dolphin and Alison Borthwick, Pages 182 to 184.

END: ISSUE 36 -- Summer 1974

ISSUE 37 -- Autumn 1974.

London takes over Sussex

Malcolm King, Page 194.

News from the Groups

Various Contributors, Pages 196 to 198.

New regional developments in rescue archaeology

Wendy Williams, Pages 198 to 199.

Bronze Age hoard found near Rochester

Michael Mead, Pages 200 to 201.

British Archaeological Reports

Anne McLeod, Page 203.

Romano-British site near Halfway House, Barham

Brian Philp B and Edna Philp, Pages 206 to 210.

Romano-British pottery from Barham Down

Borthwick A, Pages 208 to 210.

Medieval site at CharIton near Dover

John Gaunt, Page 214.

Book Reviews

Alison Borthwick and Jim Williams, Pages 215 to 217.

END: ISSUE 37 -- Autumn 1974

ISSUE 38 -- Winter 1974.

News from the Groups

Various contributors, Pages 225 to 229.

Roman burial at Hothfield near Ashford

John Gaunt, Pages 230 to 231.

Romano-British site (Rye Lane) near Otford

John Pyke, Pages 233 to 240.

Mesolithic axe from Darenth

Broadfoot D N, Pages 241 to 242.

Archaeology and newspaper reports

D W Harrington, Page 243.

Book Reviews

Trevor Dennis and Wendy Williams, Pages 244 to 245.

Roman brooches

Macreth D, Page 246.

END: ISSUE 38 -- Winter 1974

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