Kent Archaeological Review -- 1975

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 39 -- Spring 1975.

Letter to the Editor

Philip Dunn, Page 251.

Letter to the Editor

Raymond Farrar, Page 251.

Letter to the Editor

T C Stevens, Page 251.

Palaeolithic hand axe from Finglesham

John Gaunt, Pages 252 to 253.

Letter to the Editor

Bernard Smith, Page 252.

News from the Groups

Various contributors, Pages 254 to 255.

Pictish floriated rods

Iain M S Donnell, Pages 256 to 258.

Priory outbuildings at Orpington saved

Andrew Major, Page 259.

Romano-British site at Wrotham Road, Meopham

Brian Philp, Pages 260 to 266.

Romano-British cemetery at Northbourne

Brian Philp, John Gaunt, Page 269.

Flint axe from Farnborough

D N Broadfoot, Page 270.

Silver cup from Eythorne near Dover

Wendy Williams, Page 272.

Ice well at Kevington, St.Mary Cray

John J G Blundell, Page 273.

Book Reviews

Wendy Williams, Anne Mcleod, Pages 273 to 274.

END: ISSUE 39 -- Spring 1975

ISSUE 40 -- Summer 1975.

News from the Groups

Various contributors, Pages 278 to 281.

Excavations at Chalk

Sydney Harker, Pages 282 to 285.

Stoneware bottles from Dartford

Derek Garrod, Pages 286 to 288.

Iron Age site,Whitfield nr Dover

Keith Parfitt, Page 289.

Note on hedge dating

G P Hewlett, Pages 299 to 300.

Kent Police Museum

S Tyler, Page 301.

Book reviews

John Parsons, Wendy Williams, Page 302.

END: ISSUE 40 -- Summer 1975

ISSUE 41 -- Autumn 1975.

News from the Groups

Various contributors, Pages 4 to 5.

Rare Bronze Escutcheon from Canterbury

Sonia Chadwick Hawkes, Pages 6 to 8.

Crop mark sites in East Kent

Keith Parfitt, Pages 10 to 12.

Wood from Darenth Roman villa

Brian Philp, Page 10.

Ice house at Sundridge Park, Bromley

Brian Philp, Pages 14 to 16.

A Medieval moated site at Westerham

Edna Mynott and Alan Dell, Pages 18 to 19.

A homestead moat at Devil's Den, Edenbridge

Alan Dell, Neil Lake and Peter Couldrey, Pages 20 to 21.

Aquamanile from Dover

John Willson, Pages 22 to 23.

Book Review

John Parsons, Page 27.

Archaeological Word Puzzle #6

Peter Keller, Page 27.

END: ISSUE 41 -- Autumn 1975

ISSUE 42 -- Winter 1975.

Bronze Age Axes from Sevenoaks

Derek Garrod, Pages 32 to 33.

News from the Groups

Various contributors, Pages 34 to 36.

Japanese Helmet from near St. Mary Cray

John Parsons and Michael Moad, Pages 37 to 40.

A new Neolithic site at Cheriton, Folkestone

Isobel Smith and Brian Philp, Pages 42 to 45.

Treasures of Canterbury Cathedral

John Parsons, Page 47.

Roman marble head found at Dover

Anne McLeod, Page 48.

Book Reviews

Jim Williams and Anne McLeod, Pages 52 to 53.

Letter to the Editor

Gladys Townsend, Page 54.

Letter to the Editor

Susan Mayse, Pages 54 to 55.

Archaeological Word Puzzle #7

Peter Keller, Page 55.

END: ISSUE 42 -- Winter 1975

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