Kent Archaeological Review -- 1977

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 47 -- Spring 1977.

Medway Military Research Group.

Gulvin K, Page 158.

Dartford priory and manor-house.

Philp B J, Pages 160-161.

Faversham's Heritage Centre opens.

McLeod A, Pages 169-170.

Roman altar found at Dover.

Philp B J, Pages 170-171.

Fort Pitt, Chatham.

Gulvin K, Page 172-176.

St Mary Cray Roman finds.

Palmer Mrs S, Page 172.

END: ISSUE 47 -- Spring 1977

ISSUE 48 -- Summer 1977.

From a wreck in the Goodwin Sands.

Keller P, Pages 182-183.

Faversham Heritage Centre opens.

Philp B J, Page 183.

Reigate stone in Kent.

Sowan P W, Pages 184-186.

Roman bronze mount from Ambleside.

Mynott Miss E, Page 187.

Iron Age pottery from Deal.

Tomaszewski N E, Page 188.

Antiquities Bill.

Page 189.

The Edenbridge Watermill.

Pages 191-194.

Book Reviews.

Pages 194-195

Surveys along the Dover by-pass.

Gaunt J, Parfitt K & Halliwell G, Pages 196-200.

Book Review.

Christopher Wright Page 201.

A Roman Wheel from West Wickham.

Philp B J, Pages 202-204.

END: ISSUE 48 -- Summer 1977

ISSUE 49 -- Autumn 1977.


Page 205.

Excavations at Church Field, Milton Regis.

Robert Baxter, Pages 206 to 210.

Chatham's defences in the 19th century.

Victor T C Smith, Page 210.

Information Please.

W H Honey, Page 210.

Thermoluminescent dating.

Peter Couldrey, Pages 212 to 214.

Roman villa site at Keston.

Edna Mynott, Pages 215 to 218.

Rescue excavations continue at Dartford.

Brian Philp & Derek Garrod, Pages 219 to 221.

News from the Groups.

Pages 221 to 224.

New sites at Springhead.

Sydney R Harker, Pages 224 to 225.

Bronze Age weapons from Dover.

Edna Mynott, Page 227.

Book Review.

K P Witney, Page 228.

END: ISSUE 49 -- Autumn 1977

ISSUE 50 -- Winter 1977.

Anglo-Saxon Seal found near Sittingbourne.

Dr Robert Baxter, Pages 235-236.

Book Review.

Peer Grant, Page 236.

Motorway Archaeology.

Brian Philp, Pages 237-239.

Letter from Dover District Council.

Brian Woods, Page 239.

A Roman site at Northfleet.

D G Thompson & Mrs V Smith, Pages 240-241.

Wrecks on the Goodwin Sands.

Peter Keller, Page 242.

Fort Amherst, Chatham.

Gulvin K, Page 243-247.

Discovery of a Denehole at Bexley.

Derek Garrod, Pages 248-250.

Piece of Eight from Dover

Peter Keller, Page 251-252.

END: ISSUE 50 -- Winter 1977

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