Kent Archaeological Review -- 1978

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 51 -- Spring 1978.

Kentish hillforts.

Hugh Thompson, Page 2-6.

KCC Grants.

Page 6.

An Ice Well at High Elms, Farnborough.

Wally Fairhead, Page 8-10.

Palaeolithic hand axe found at Deal.

Tomaszewski N E, Page 12-14.

The original church of All Saints Murston near Sittingbourne.

Baxter R, Rees R H & Grisdale E M, Page 15-20.

Conference Report.

Edna Mynott, Page 21.

Book Reviews.

Page 23.

Further finds at St Mary Cray.

Ian Bouskill, Page 24.

END: ISSUE 51 -- Spring 1978

ISSUE 52 -- Summer 1978.


Page 25.

Excavations at Church Field, Milton Regis.

Dr Robert Baxter, Page 26-27.

The Forum of London.

Page 28-29.

The Camera Regis at Ospringe.

Smith G H, Page 49.


Harman J G, Page 51-52.

END: ISSUE 52 -- Summer 1978

ISSUE 53 -- Autumn 1978.

Fort Clarence, Rochester.

Keith Gulvin, Page 53-57.

Excavation of the Ospringe Roman cemetery.

Edward Higginbottom, Page 62-63.

Saxon pot from Reculver.

Alice Johns, Page 71.

Brass counters from New Romney.

Peter Keller, Page 72-73.

Storm damage at Reculver.

Brian Philp & Harold Gough, Page 74.

END: ISSUE 53 -- Autumn 1978

ISSUE 54 -- Winter 1978.

Roman mortaria: a short note.

Geoff Marsh, Page 25.

Classis Britannica.

Page 79-80.

Lead seals from Reculver.

Harold Gough, Page 81.

Archaeology and the 'Blue Circle'.

Ronald Jessup, Page 83.

Inscribed bowl from the Saxon grave.

Heap E J, Page 84-85.

Bofors gun at New Tavern Fort, Gravesend.

Victor Smith, Page 86-87.

Roman stone coffin at Keston.

Edna Mynott, Page 88-91.

Flint axe from Hayes.

Trevor Woodman, Page 92.

Medieval pottery from Deal.

Tomaszewski N E, Page 93-94.

Thorton Lane,Eastry - an early boundary.

Sister M M O'Grady, Page 94-95.

The mystery of Pudding Pans.

Porter T E, Page 99.

END: ISSUE 54 -- Winter 1978

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