Kent Archaeological Review -- 1979

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 55 -- Spring 1979.

Bronze seal matrix from Reculver

Gough H E, Page 108.

Discoveries along a pipeline near Deal

Parfitt K, Page 110.

Great success of CKA Canterbury conference

Mynott Miss E, Page 116.

Activities in the Lower Medway area 1978

Preston J M, Page 116.

Romano-British site at Lower Runhams,Lenham

Morickton A, Page 118.

END: ISSUE 55 -- Spring 1979

ISSUE 56 -- Summer 1979.

Priorities for rescue archaeology

Frere S S, Page 122.

Discovery of a denehole at Darenth

Garrod D, Page 125.

Kevington & Lullingstone ice wells: a link?

Blundell J, Page 126.

The camp of the British fleet, Boulogne-sur-Mer

Seiller Cl., Page 130.

The Sandwich by-pass 1978-interim report

Parfitt K, Page 133.

Roman building in Greenwich Park, 1978

Ferretti E, Sheldon H & Yule B, Page 134.

A 14th century chest at Harty

Porter T E, Page 135.

Lead seal from Dover

Gough H E, Page 136.

Vandalism at Fort Bridgewoods

Gulvin K R & Smith V T, Page 137.

Excavations at Northfleet

Smith V T C, Page 140.

Spruckelham near Deal: A lost ham?

Tomaszewski N E, Page 142.

A worked stone from Bromley Common

Woodman T C, Page 145.

END: ISSUE 56 -- Summer 1979

ISSUE 57 -- Autumn 1979.

Farm engines in Kent

Lambert J A, Page 150.

An Acheulian hand axe from Goodnestone near Sandwich

Halliwell G & Parfitt K, Page 152.

KAS AGM: Postal voting

Philp B J, Page 155.

Dover-the gateway of England

Philp B J, Page 160.

The 'Favourite' Trust, Whitstable

Ebbutt R C J, Page 163.

A Roman mirror from Great Mongeham near Deal

Gaunt J & Parfitt K, Page 164.

Systems theory in archaeology

Gurney D, Page 168.

Recent work of Canterbury Archaeological Trust

Tatton-Brown T, Page 170.

END: ISSUE 57 -- Autumn 1979

ISSUE 58 -- Winter 1979.

The West Kent Training School

Crozier P & Newberry J, Page 173.

Unique Roman mitre square from Canterbury

Tatton-Brown T, Page 176.

Four more Anglo-Saxon graves discovered at Polhill

Philp B J, Page 178.

Grave goods from the Polhill cemetery

Hawkes S C, Page 183.

The Wilriar bell foundry, Borden, near Sittingbourne

Rees R H, Page 189.

A Mesolithic adze from Kingsdown near Deal

Parfitt K, Page 190.

Extensive Roman site found under Gravesend town centre

Garrod D & Philp B, Page 192.

END: ISSUE 58 -- Winter 1979

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