Kent Archaeological Review -- 1980

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 59 -- Spring 1980.

Gunflint enquiry

De Lotbiniere S, Page 198.

Another Bronze Age axe from Sevenoaks

Garrod D, Page 202.

Industrial archaeology in East Kent

Matkin R B, Page 203.

Roman mirrors from Kent: a brief survey

Lloyd-Morgan G, Page 206.

Engineering in the Medway towns before 1914

Preston J M, Page 213.

Whitstable oyster yawl 'Favourite' 1890-1980

Banbury P J, Page 216.

END: ISSUE 59 -- Spring 1980

ISSUE 60 -- Summer 1980.

Implement petrology study (The study of prehistric stone axes from Kent)

David Kelly, Page 221.

A Neolithic polished flint axe from Appledore

Derek Garrod, Page 223.

The 'Salutation', Sandwich

Elizabeth Martin, Page 224.

Two deneholes in the Sandwich area

Keith Parfitt, Page 227.

KAS members reject cash for co-ordinator

Audrey Button, Pages 228 to 229.

Quarr stone in Kent

Tim Tatton-Brown, Pages 230 to 231.

A probable Roman villa on the Sandwich by-pass

Keith Parfitt, Pages 232 to 248.

END: ISSUE 60 -- Summer 1980

ISSUE 61 -- Autumn 1980.

Chaff tempered ware

N C Macpherson-Grant, Pages 2 to 4.

A Domesday name identified?

Zena Bamping, Pages 6 to 7.

Another glimpse of Chalk in Roman times

S R Harker, Pages 8 to 9.

Two flint implements from Wickham Court Farm

Peter Couldrey, Pages 10 to 11.

A new Roman site at West Wickham

Brian Philp, Pages 12 to 18.

Important find from Dartford

Derek Garrod, Pages 19 to 20.

Lloyds Bank award to local group

Mrs V E Satterthwaite, Page 20.

London-Essex stamped ware from Kent (A new type of Roman pottery for West Kent Sites)

Brian Philp, Pages 21 to 23.

END: ISSUE 61 -- Autumn 1980

ISSUE 62 -- Winter 1980.

Rescue-excavations on the site of a Jacobean mansion at Tunstall, Sittingbourne

Robert Baxter, Page 25.

An unpublished find from the Worth well

Keith Parfitt, Page 26.

Archaeological training excavations in Kent -- 1980

Brian Philp, Pages 27 to 31.

A Roman route in Mid-Kent

Patrick Thornhill, Pages 32 to 34.

Gillingham fort

Keith Gulvin, Pages 36 to 39.

A new late-Roman silver ingot from near Reculver

Tim Tatton-Brown, Pages 40 to 41.

A Roman occupation site at Worth

Keith Parfitt, Pages 46 to 47.

END: ISSUE 62 -- Winter 1980

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