Kent Archaeological Review -- 1981

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 63 -- Spring 1981.

An amphora-type vessel from the Thames Estuary

Harold Gough, Pages 50 to 51.

'Grubenhauser' in America

N Leggatt, Page 51.

A Roman coin from Dover

Peter Keller, Pages 52 to 53.

German(?) flagons from Roman sites

Joanna Bird, Page 55.

Sandwich Roman villa (excavations in 1980)

Keith Parfitt, Pages 56 to 60.

The Gatehouse, Minster in Sheppey

Lisa Tyler, Pages 60 to 61.

Romano-British site at Foxbury, Stone Street, Seal

N U Marsh64, Page 62.

A stone axe from Boughton Monchelsea

Keith Parfitt, Pages 67 to 68.

The medieval ram aquamanile from Dover

Nita and Peter Farmer, Pages 70 to 71.

END: ISSUE 63 -- Spring 1981

ISSUE 64 -- Summer 1981.

Potin coin from Sandwich

Parfitt K, Page 74.

A survey of Medway megaliths

Philp B J, Page 77.

A lonely grave

Porter T E, Page 93.

END: ISSUE 64 -- Summer 1981

ISSUE 65 -- Autumn 1981.

Chatham. dockyard extension 1854 - 1885

Gulvin K, Page 97.

A stone axe from Darenth

Philp B J, Page 102.

Sunken huts in Canada

Kellaway-Rice A, Page 105.

The Ringwould water main 1980/81

Parfitt K, Page 107.

Flint artefacts from the Sandwich-Deal marshes

Halliwell G, Page 113.

A find from a chimney breast in CharIton, Dover

Verrill J & Williams J, Page 119.

END: ISSUE 65 -- Autumn 1981

ISSUE 66 -- Winter 1981.

Excavations of the Jacobean mansion at Tunstall

Baxter R & Philp B, Page 122.

365 in Dover

Harman J G, Page 127.

Romano-British 'Streak-burnished' ware

Green M J, Page 128.

Zion Chapel site, Dover

Mynott Miss E, Page 131.

A Romano-British brooch from Cliffe

Garrod D, Page 132.

Excavations at Church Field, Milton Regis

Baxter Dr R, Page 133.

An Iron Age pot from Goodnestone

Gaunt J & Parfitt K, Page 136.

A Mesolithic adze from Goodnestone

Ogilvie J D, Page 144.

END: ISSUE 66 -- Winter 1981

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