Kent Archaeological Review -- 1983

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 71 -- Spring 1983.

Special 'Mary Rose' conference

Edna Mynott, Page 1.

A Roman site at Pysons Road, Ramsgate

Peter Cullen, Pages 2 to 8.

An Anglo-Saxon pendant from Canterbury

Tim Tatton-Brown, Page 9.

Market Hall excavation, Dover, 1982

Brian Philp, Pages 10 to 11.

A round barrow at West Langdon: Relocated?

Keith Parfitt, Page 11.

An important military discovery at Springhead

Deborah French, Pages 12 to 13.

A Mesolithic adze from Sandwich

Dr J D Ogilvie, Pages 14 to 15.

The Thames and Medway Canal Association

Sean Larmour, Pages 16 to 17.

Late-Medieval spoon from Chatham

Jonathan Joy, Pages 18 to 19.

Ritual dog burials from Roman sites

E W Black, Pages 20 to 22.

A Roman brooch from Higham

Derek Garrod, Page 23.

END: ISSUE 71 -- Spring 1983

ISSUE 72 -- Summer 1983.

London -- Essex stamped ware from Otford

John A Pyke, Pages 26 to 27.

A new Museum of Canterbury -- The hospital of St Mary for poor priests

Kenneth Reedie, Page 28.

A Mesolithic site at Finglesham

Keith Parfitt & Geoff Halliwell, Pages 29 to 32.

Another gun for the New Tavern Fort

Victor Smith, Page 33.

A Romano-British site at Broadstairs

John Willson, Pages 34 to 41.

The discovery of the Archbishop's palace at Teynham

Brian Philp, Pages 42 to 43.

A second Roman brooch from Cliffe

Derek Garrod, Page 45.

Decorated padlock from Otford

Keith Nurse, Page 417.

END: ISSUE 72 -- Summer 1983

ISSUE 73 -- Autumn 1983.

A Bronze Age axe from Margate

John Villette and John Willson, Pages 50 to 51.

Royal Herbert Hospital site, Greenwich

Derek Garrod, Page 53.

A late Iron Age site at Thong Lane, Gravesend

Deborah A French and Peter W Green, Pages 54 to 68.

The lost church of Little Mongeham, near Deal

Keith Parfitt, Pages 70 to 75.

END: ISSUE 73 -- Autumn 1983

ISSUE 74 -- Winter 1983.

Romano-British 'Streak-burnished' wares -- another decoration type

Marion J Green, Page 77.

A decorated Medieval jug from Tenterden

Raymond A Varley, Pages 78 to 81.

The Woolwich Ship

Brian Philp and Derek Garrod, Pages 87 to 91.

An Iron Age and Roman site at Postling

John Willson, Pages 92 to 95.

A lead ampulla from Cliffe

Jonathan Joy, Pages 97 to 98.

A late Bronze Age socketed axe from Great Mongeham

Keith Parfitt, Pages 99 to 100.

END: ISSUE 74 -- Winter 1983

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