Kent Archaeological Review -- 1984

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 75 -- Spring 1984.

Chatham Gun Wharf -- a brief historical account

Keith R. Gulvin, Pages 101 to 104.

A nineteenth century cement works at Cliffe

Bob Barnes & Brenda Innes, Pages 106 to 110.

Ewell Preceptory backfilled

Keith Parfitt, Page 111.

Dartford Gunpowder Mills: major industrial site saved from destruction

Pages 112 to 113.

Chatham's Rennie steam engine now at Rotherhithe

Bob Barnes, Pages 114 to 116.

Forty-one years in Chatham Dockyard

K A Slade, Pages 118 to 120.

Excavations at Nag's Head Lane, Rochester

David Bacchus & Alan Ward, Pages 120 to 121.

A Medieval iron spearhead from Garlinge, Kent

John Willson, Pages 122 to 123.

The Monkton gas pipeline 1982

David Perkins, Page 124.

END: ISSUE 75 -- Spring 1984

ISSUE 76 -- Summer 1984.

Further Saxon burials from Breach Down, Barham

John Willson, Pages 125 to 130.

The so-called History Trust-6th year

Brian Philp, Page 131.

A Medieval jug from Benenden, Kent

Raymond A Varley, Pages 132 to 134.

An Iron Age bead from the Lydden Valley, Worth

Keith Parfitt, Pages 135 to 136.

Two vessels of uncertain origin and function

Nigel Macpherson-Grant, Pages 137 to 139.

Oldbury 1983

F H Thompson, Pages 140 to 144.

Medieval pottery from near Darenth Church

Brian Philp, Pages 145 to 148.

END: ISSUE 76 -- Summer 1984

ISSUE 77 -- Autumn 1984.

Iron Age and Medieval sites at St Nicholas, Hythe

John Willson, Pages 150 to 155.

Roman site at Scotney Court, Lydd

Brian Philp and John Willson, Pages 156 to 161.

Roman pewter dish from West Kent

Brian Philp, Page 162.

An iron spearhead from Darenth

John Willson, Pages 163 to 164.

The Medway area: A centre for industrial archaeology

Edna M. Mynott, Pages 164 to 165.

Rescue work at Wick Wood, Barham, Kent

John Willson, Pages 166 to 174.

END: ISSUE 77 -- Autumn 1984

ISSUE 78 -- Winter 1984.

The lost chapel of Lullingstone

Brian Philp, Pages 178 to 180.

The Thanet gas pipeline, Phase 3, 1983

David Perkins, Page 180.

A prehistoric site near Foads Lane, Cliffsend

John Willson, Pages 181 to 185.

Major discoveries at Dover 1984

Brian Philp, Pages 186 to 190.

An unexpected find from Springhead

Deborah A French, Page 195.

The Roman villa at Orpington

Brian Philp, Pages 196 to 199.

END: ISSUE 78 -- Winter 1984

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