Kent Archaeological Review -- 1985

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 79 -- Spring 1985.

A unique votive(?) from Springhead

Deborah A French, Page 203.

Some Iron Age sites in the Deal area

Keith Parfitt, Pages 207 to 219.

Coal from the Romano-British site Northfleet

R J Ansell, Pages 220 to 222.

END: ISSUE 79 -- Spring 1985

ISSUE 80 -- Summer 1985.

A lead seal-matrix from Graveney

Harold Gough, Page 225.

A new archaeological site at Saltwood

John Willson, Pages 226 to 235.

A Neolithic-Bronze Age flint knife from Kingsdown, near Deal

Tina Avann, Page 236.

An unusual bronze ring from Bromley

Mark Newman, Page 237.

Excavations at Oldbury 1984

F H Thompson, Pages 239 to 241.

A coin from Springhead

Peter W Green, Pages 242 to 243.

Lullingstone -- badger finds Roman burial

Brian Philp, Pages 245 to 247.

The Monkton-Ramsgate gas pipeline 1984

D R J Perkins, Page 247.

END: ISSUE 80 -- Summer 1985

ISSUE 81 -- Autumn 1985.

A Medieval pit at Cherry Garden Lane, Folkestone

John Willson, Pages 3 to 6.

Some unrecorded earthworks at Great Mongeham, near Deal

Keith Parfitt, Pages 8 to 11.

Bronze Age finds from Minster, Sheppey

Brian Philp, Pages 12 to 13.

Some 19th century ship graffiti at Northbourne

H A Jones, Pages 17 to 20.

A coin from Springhead

Peter W Green, Page 23.

END: ISSUE 81 -- Autumn 1985

ISSUE 82 -- Winter 1985.

A possible Bronze Age barrow at Walmer, Kent

John Willson, Pages 26 to 30.

Roman cemetery at East Hill, Dartford

C R Baker, Pages 33 to 34.

The excavation of a Roman ritual shaft at Keston

Brian Philp, Pages 35 to 38.

The prehistoric land surface in the Lydden Valley: an initial report

Geoff Halliwell & Keith Parfitt, Pages 39 to 43.

Roman cemetery at Slade Green, Bexley

Derek Garrod & John Willson, Pages 44 to 48.

END: ISSUE 82 -- Winter 1985

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