Kent Archaeological Review -- 1986

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 83 -- Spring 1986.

The discovery of a Roman villa at Rodmersham

Brian Philp B and Robert Baxter, Pages 51 to 53.

A pagan burial from Whitfield

John Willson, Pages 54 to 57.

The 'Deal Man', and a possible underground Roman shrine

Keith Parfitt K & Geoff Halliwell, Pages 59 to 62.

Excavations at 41 St George's Street, Canterbury

Paul Blockley, Pages 62 to 63.

A Bronze Age hoard from Ash-next-Sandwich

James Ogilvie, Pages 66 to 67.

Roman pottery from North Deal

Mike Halliwell, Page 68.

Roman cremation burials from Great Mongeham

John Gaunt & Keith Parfitt, Pages 69 to 71.

END: ISSUE 83 -- Spring 1986

ISSUE 84 -- Summer 1986.

Palaeolithic handaxe from High Elms, Bromley

G Halliwell, Pages 74 to 76.

Two barrows at Eythorne: A fieldworker's tale

Keith Parfitt, Pages 77 to 78.

Recent discoveries at Eynsford

Derek Garrod and Brian Philp, Page 79.

Redesign of the Court Hall Museum, Milton Regis

R Baxter, Page 80.

The Norman mints of Kent

David Holman, Pages 82 to 88.

More Roman gemstones from Dover

Brian Philp, Pages 90 to 92.

Bronze Age implement fragments from Worth

Keith Parfitt, Pages 92 to 95.

END: ISSUE 84 -- Summer 1986

ISSUE 85 -- Autumn 1986.

A Medieval well at Chapel Bridge, Conningbrook, near Ashford

Brian Philp, Pages 98 to 103.

The Roman villa at Sholden near Deal: some further information

Keith Parfitt, Pages 104 to 105.

Discoveries of the old institute site at Faversham

John Willson, Pages 108 to 118.

END: ISSUE 85 -- Autumn 1986

ISSUE 86 -- Winter 1986.

Herne Mill

D J Bean, Page 121.

A Palaeolithic handaxe from Hougham

Jan Coles, Pages 122 to 123.

Rectangular vessel from Highstead, Kent

P M Barford, Pages 129 to 130.

Julliberrie's grave and 'The Penrose Mystery'

David S Cousins, Page 131.

Operations at Scadbury Park, Chislehurst

F A Hart, Page 135.

Prehistoric sites at Otford

Brian Philp and Derek Garrod, Pages 136 to 138.

The Old Court Hall Museum, Milton Regis

R Baxter, Page 143.

END: ISSUE 86 -- Winter 1986

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