Kent Archaeological Review -- 1987

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 87 -- Spring 1987.

A collection of stone implements made by John William Bance (1891-1955)

Jill Cook, Pages 146 to 149.

A Saxon button-brooch from Dover

John Willson, Page 154.

The Roman fort at Lympne

William Bowman, Pages 155 to 158.

The Periwinkle Watermill Museum Project

Martin Saffery, Pages 159 to 161.

A stamped stoneware tankard from Woolwich

Derek Garrod, Pages 162 to 163.

A Bronze Age axe from Lydd

John Willson, Pages 164 to 166.

END: ISSUE 87 -- Spring 1987

ISSUE 88 -- Summer 1987.

The course of the Richborough - Dover Roman road at West Langdon

Keith Parfitt, Pages 172 to 173.

Roman coin hoard found at Minster, Sheppey

Brian Philp, Page 175.

The Martin Clay Pipeworks, Woolwich

Derek Garrod, Pages 176 to 185.

Two Mesolithic implements from East Kent

Geoff Halliwell G & Keith Parfitt, Pages 188 to 190.

END: ISSUE 88 -- Summer 1987

ISSUE 89 -- Autumn 1987.

A Roman silver toilet spoon from Dover

John Willson, Page 193.

New discoveries on the Roman villa at Keston

Brian Philp & Derek Garrod, Pages 194 to 195.

Extracts from the Kentish Chronicle, 1817

Harold Gough, Page 196.

Medieval buildings discovered at New Romney

John Willson, Pages 198 to 212.

Guns from Thamesmead

Ian G Hampson, Pages 214 to 215.

END: ISSUE 89 -- Autumn 1987

ISSUE 90 -- Winter 1987.

More information on the Roman coin hoard from Minster, Sheppy

Brian Philp, Pages 217 to 218.

A discovery on the wall paintings in the Roman house, Dover

Wendy Williams, Pages 218 to 219.

Medieval ship engravings in the parish church St. Margaret-at-Cliffe

Maurice Chenery, Pages 224 to 232.

Boughton pottery

L G Welland, Page 235.

Investigations on the site of the Tannery, Loop Street, Sandwich, 1987

Peter Keller, Pages 237 to 238.

A strange find from Folkestone

Malcolm King, Pages 238 to 239.

END: ISSUE 90 -- Winter 1987

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