Kent Archaeological Review -- 2001

Contents of the Four Issues for that year.

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ISSUE 143 -- Spring 2001.

Industrial Archaeology

Jim Preston, Page 49.

White Cliffs Experience, the final curtain

George Victor, Page 50.

Barge Building Sheds at Conyers Creek, Teynham

Brian Philp, Pages 52 to 57.

Mesolithic Flint, Oldbury Hillfort

J Edwin Jarvis, Pages 60 to 61.

Varus and the Great Roman Defeat

Brian Philp, Pages 64 to 66.

END: ISSUE 143 -- Spring 2001

ISSUE 144 -- Summer 2001.

Obituary, Maurice Godfrey

Brian Philp, Page 70.

Roman Burial at Eynsford

Brian Philp, Pages 72 to 75.

Flint Artefacts from Downs, nr Folkestone

Malcolm Keene, Pages 76 to 77.

Churches in Retirement

Roy Tricker, Pages 78 to 80.

Cavalry Helmet found at St Mary Cray

John Blundell, Pages 83 to 84.

Paleolithic Flint Axe from Ashford

Page 88.

END: ISSUE 144 -- Summer 2001

ISSUE 145 -- Autumn 2001.

An Early Excavation Plan Stonar Church

Keith Parfitt, Pages 95 to 99.

Memories of Sir Mortimer Wheeler

Nigel Nicolson, Pages 100 to 101.

The Restoration of Luddenham St Mary

Tim Beetson, Pages 102 to 105.

A Second Letter from Malta

Brian Philp, Page 106.

More Flint Artefacts from North Downs

Malcome Keene, Page 107.

New Book on the Palaeolithic

Keith Parfitt, Pages 113 to 114.

END: ISSUE 145 -- Autumn 2001

ISSUE 146 -- Winter 2001.

The Roman Invasion Crossing of AD43

Gerald Grainge, Pages 117 to 119.

An Early Roman Site at Bishopstone Haven, near Reculver

Brian Philp, Pages 124 to 124.

Another Cremation Burial off Hamilton Road, Deal

Keith Parfitt, Pages 124 to 127.

The Sheerness Boat House

David Hughes, Pages 127 to 130.

Paleolithic Axe from Hawkinge Aerodrome

Malcolm Keene, Page 131.

Investigations at Old St Albans Court, Nonington

Keith Parfitt et al., Pages 132 to 135.

A True Tale of Reculver

Harold Gough, Pages 137 to 138.

END: ISSUE 146 -- Winter 2001

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