Publication: Roman Shore-Fort at Dover.


The Discovery and Excavation of the Roman Shore-Fort at Dover.

The K A R U  is delighted to report that the eagerly-awaited volume on this major Kent site will be published in April, 2012. After five years of very hard work by the author Dr Brian Philp and his small dedicated team, all working unpaid, this will be the fourth volume on the excavations in Dover by the Unit. The others include the Classis Britannica Forts, the Roman Painted House and Saxon Dover.

This new publication deals with the discovery of the long-lost shore-fort of Dubris, listed in the Notitia Dignitatum, but never found and actually deleted by scholarship in 1970. That year also saw the beginning of a more than 30-year campaign of urgent rescue archaeology by the Kent Unit across the ancient centre of Dover. This resulted in the staggering discovery of a wealth of structures of Roman, Saxon and medieval date.

The new volume, to be published as Number 11 in the Kent Monograph series, covers the discovery of 200 metres of the south and west walls of this massive Roman fort, seven of its large bastions, the great defensive ditch, the rampart bank and much of the internal area. The latter contained the major military bath-house, originally constructed by the marines of the Classis Britannica, rebuilt twice and consisting of a large furnace, a series of hypocausted rooms, plunge-baths and an impressive courtyard. These had survived to a remarkable extent. Nearby were five rooms of the East Building, the continuation of the south range of the adjacent Painted House mansio. Each contained hypocausts under opus signinum floors. The south-west corner of the fort had been severely terraced and contained a series of small oval huts, or pens.

The many finds from the site include two important Roman altars, a statue, two stone heads and a major collection of Roman gemstones. The finest, showing a rare gladiatorial scene, is printed on our cover. The Report includes a report on over 500 coins by Dr Richard Reece, another on the gemstones by Dr Martin Henig and on the pottery and small-finds by Gerald Clewley.

This memorial volume is in A4 format, with rigid case binding, gold blocking on spine, 180 pages and 43 coloured plates. A limited edition, only available from the Kent Unit.

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