Friends of the CKA: Visit to Fort Amherst.

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PHOTO: The Friends meet outside the Visitor Centre.

PHOTO: The friends get an introductory talk.

It's 2 o'clock, and the Friends gather at the Visitor Centre for a preliminary talk.

PHOTO: One of the entrances to the caverns in the 'cliff face'.

One entrance to the tunnels as seen from 'Cave Yard'. The original town of Chatham occupied the lower portion of Cave Yard and was demolished to make way for the fort.

PHOTO: Liz explaining the WW2 use of the caverns.

On entering the caverns Liz, our guide, explains the use of these rooms during WWII.


PHOTO: desks set up to show WW2 use.

PHOTO: WW2-vintage telephone switchboard.

The rooms have been restored with authentic equipment to show them as they would have looked during the war when the tunnels -- converted into a civil defence control centre and anti-invasion HQ -- operated under great secrecy.