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Closing Remarks by Dr Bob Baxter, Conference Chairman.

In bringing this 40th Year Celebration Conference to a close, I would like to emphasize that this has been the 80th conference that the CKA has organised! A magnificent record of bringing Kent archaeology to the people.

PHOTO: Dr Bob Baxter -- Conference Chairman

With respect to this Conference, may I, on behalf of the CKA, thank Mr Tucker for his kind words of introduction, Victor and Brian for their talks, and all who have helped to make this landmark Conference a success? In particular thanks go to the Group members who have worked so hard to prepare and present their discoveries so skilfully. Please bear in mind that what you have seen today represents only a fraction of the work done by these groups, and indeed by many other constituent groups of the CKA not featured today, over the last forty years.

And a special 'thank you' to our conference organiser, Ruth Plummer, for her hard work in arranging an unusual, but clearly very successful, celebration today!

Lastly, May I remind you all that the theme of the Spring Conference to be held on Saturday 9th April next year in Sevenoaks Community Centre, will be 'Historic Houses in Kent'. See you all then! Have a safe journey home.

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