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Some notes for the users of assistive technology e.g.screen readers and talking browsers:

The K A R index page consists of a list of the K A R issues, starting with the latest and working back in time to 1965. Use your reader's 'Headings Mode' to quickly locate the year, and then select the issue you are interested in.

Selecting any link will cause a list of the articles in that issue to be loaded into a separate Internal Frame (an 'I-frame') on the page.

Depending on how your reader works, it may automatically start reading the contents (as with IBM's Home Page Reader), or you may have to toggle between frames.

Please note that when you select a particular issue, the indexes for that entire year (that is, for the 4 issues) will be loaded.

Alternatively, if your reader doesn't support Internal Frames (or you find it easier), please go here for a non-frames-based access.

In the I-frame at the moment are details about the availability of back issues.

Please note that when you open any individual article, that it will open in a new window.

If you have any trouble accessing the data, we would like to know. Please complete the 'Contacts' form and send it to us.


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