Kent Archaeological Review

This is an index of the articles that have appeared in the Kent Archaeological Review over the past 40 years.

This Web-based index is derived (until issue 138 -- Winter 1999) from the "The Audrey Button Consolidated Directory" produced by the CKA. -- Council for Kentish Archaeology.

Many back issues of the K A R are still available from:

Roman Painted House,
New Street,
Kent CT17 9AJ.

Price: 50p per issue plus 25% post/packing (cheques payable to CKA).

(Issues 1 to 30 are no longer available.)

Footnote: The Audrey Button Consolidated Directory was produced as a memorial to Audrey Button who died in December 1998. Audrey had served as the Honorary Editor of the Kent Archaeological Review for over 20 years.

The Directory provides a comprehensive reference to the articles appearing in the first 140 issues of the K A R: -- Kent Archaeological Review.

  1. Subject Index
  2. Author Index
  3. Illustrations and Artefacts Index
  4. Maps Index
  5. Photographs Index
  6. Site Plans and sections
  7. Bound volumes, with edition numbers, etc.

The Directory is available from the Roman Painted House, price 3.50 including postage/packing.

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