Friends of the CKA: Kemsing visit on 14th June 2003.

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Despite a forecast of rain, some 30 Friends of the CKA enjoyed unbroken sunshine during their visit to the historic sites in the Kent village of Kemsing.

The visit began with a tour in and around The Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin.

Photo: St. Mary's Church

Photo: Stained glass window in church

Photo: decorative rendering on church wall

Decorative wall covering.

Photo: in the churchyard

Photo: in the churchyard

Memorials date back as far as 1665.

Photo: crinkle-crankle wall

An unusual crinkle-crankle wall marks the southern boundary of the church­yard.

Photo: Madonna roundal

The Madonna roundal dates from around 1220 and is one of the treasures of the church.

Photo: inside the church

Inside the church.

Photo: Opus Signinum

Among the decorative wall cover is a piece of Roman Opus Signinum. A Roman bathhouse is known to exist on the out­skirts of the village (excavated by KARU in the '70s).

Photo: in the churchyard

Photo: Wedding photo

The Friends manage to vacate the church area just in time for the wedding to take place!

The tour then continued along the High Street to the Ancient Well, dedicated to St. Edith (born in Kemsing in 961 AD), looking at the listed buildings along the way.
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