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Description of the timeline graphic.
A table describing the timeline for the Keston Villa and Tombs area follows:
Period Number. Dates. Description. Notes.
1. Circa 2,000 BC. Late Neolithic/Bronze Age.  
2. 600 to 200 BC. Middle Iron Age settlement. After this, the area was not occupied for some 150 years.
  200 to 50 BC.   The area is not occupied.
3. 50 BC to 50 AD. Late Iron Age settlement.  
4. 50 to 160 AD. Early Roman farmstead.  
5. 160 to 200 AD. 'Proto-villa' complex.  
6. 200 to 300 AD. Main villa complex. It is during this phase that the tombs in the North cemetary are built.
7. 300 to 400 AD. Late Roman villa complex. The latest coin found from this period was from 378 AD.
8 and 9. After 400 AD. Post-Roman. A Saxon hut dated between 450 and 550 AD was found, but other than that it seems as though the site became open fields.
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