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Description of the Keston Tombs graphic.

The plan shows 3 tombs and the immediate surrounding area, excavated in 1967 to 1968, and 1978.

Tomb 1 is the largest one and is circular (some 10 metres in diameter) with 6 unevenly-spaced external buttresses. It originally stood some 20 feet high and was probably painted red.

Tomb 2 is a rectangular-shaped tomb immediately to the west of tomb 1, and about 1 metre away.

Tomb 3 is a very small tomb, making use of the south-western buttresses of tomb 1, along with some additional masonry.

The 3 tombs are surrounded by 14 burials, presumably the final resting places for the villa workers.

Some 9 metres to the north-west of tomb 2, a stone coffin is still believed to be buried.

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