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Description of the main villa complex graphic.

The graphic shows a plan of the excavated areas of the Keston Roman Villa complex as it was in AD 200-300, showing the villa buildings and the associated tombs.

The graphic shows three buildings:
  1. The 'West Masonry Building', built during this period in a number of phases,
  2. the 'South Timber Building' -- some 40 metres to the south, and
  3. the 'North Timber Building' -- some 30 metres to the east.
Also shown is:
  • the villa enclosure ditches, which surround the complex,
  • the water pipes that deposited water into two tanks, one tank adjacent to the masonry building, and one adjacent to the south timber building.

Some 70 metres to the north-east of the masonry building is the north cemetery where the tombs are situated. Immediately to the west of the tombs is a succession of ritual shafts.

At the end of this period:
  • the north Timber Building will burn down, and will not be replaced,
  • the south Timber Building will be replaced by a larger masonry building, and
  • the north Cemetery will go out of use.
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