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Painted House.
Bound Research Volumes of major sites.
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Volume 3.

The Roman Forts of the Classis Britannica at Dover 1970-77
by Brian Philp.

Published in 1981 this deals with large-scale excavations in Dover ahead of A20 roadworks. It covers the discovery of two large forts built by the classis britannica. The first (probably AD117) unfinished. The second (AD130-208) with defensive walls and ditch, two gatehouses, 14 internal buildings and many roads and drains. The buildings include offices, barracks, two granaries and a latrine. This is the only Roman naval base in the Empire that has been excavated and published. Many plans, sections, photographs and 882 drawn objects.

Volume 5.

The Roman House with Bacchic Murals at Dover
by Brian Philp.

Published in 1989 this is the full excavation report on six rooms of a high status mansio, built just outside the classis britannica Fort. The walls survive up to 3 metres high and there are several complete hypocausts. Over 400 square feet of high quality coloured murals survive in-situ, dedicated to Bacchus, are the best preserved Roman paintings north of the Alps. Built about AD200 the mansio (Painted House) was buried about AD270 under the western defences of the late Roman Shore-fort, which resulted in the unique survival of the paintings. Many detailed plans, sections, coloured photographs and 283 drawn objects.

Volume 9.

The Discovery and Excavation of Anglo-Saxon Dover
by Brian Philp.

Published in 2003 this report deals with 14 Anglo Saxon structures excavated under the centre of modern Dover and within the walls of the late-Roman shore-fort. These include several sunken-floored buildings, the largest destroyed by fire in the 7th century and still containing over 200 loom weights. Near the centre of the fort was the long lost Saxon church of St Martin, rebuilt in wood four times from the 7th to 10th centuries. Many detailed plans, sections, photographs and 186 drawn objects. More information on The Discovery and Excavation of anglo-Saxon Dover.


The Discovery and Excavation of the Roman Shore-Fort at Dover,
by Brian Philp.

Published in April 2012 covers the discovery of 200 metres of the south and west walls of this massive Roman fort, seven of its large bastions, the great defensive ditch, the rampart bank and much of the internal area. More information on The Discovery and Excavation of the Roman Shore-Fort at Dover.


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