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New book review:
I've Come About the Drains by Tony Rook FSA.

This is another excellent book by Tony Rook and is essential reading for all archaeologists, not to mention plumbers, architectural historians and even building inspectors. It touches on the Roman occupation, a great deal on Roman baths and then goes into detail on various aspects of chimneys, windows, walls, concrete and importantly domes.

The writer has a mixed background of archaeologist and building technologist, a very useful combination that should prove of great benefit to those working in the field. In particular to those trying to sort out the problems of an ancient building when 95% has been removed over the centuries. Tony was involved in the Lullingstone Villa excavation in the early days and his parents Mr & Mrs Rook made an outstanding contribution to the site over more than 15 years. Tony has given humorous talks at CKA conferences on more than one occasion, and invariably uses the title of this current book as the title to his talks. He has found that site managers, developers and other bureaucrats, who in some cases seek to put hurdles in the way of archaeologists, are invariable satisfied by his explanation that 'he has come about the drains'.

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